Backwater Valves
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-Backwater Valves prevent water and sewage from entering your home and can be installed inside or outside, a qualified technician and the property owner can come to this conclusion. In the city of Toronto there is a rebate of up to 1250.00 for installation upon city inspection.

-Sump Pumps are also in the city's rebate program an important plumbing mechanism that removes ground water from your foundation and floors and ejects the water away from your home.

- A drain snake can remove some blockages but on occasion the problem area needs to be excavated and repaired and our technicians are fully qualified to get the job done.

- Camera inspection will usually show where and what the issue is and the condition of the drain.

- Water services are one of the most important services to enter your property, unfortunately most of them are still LEAD.  The city does want them removed for obvious reasons but there is no rebate in place but is still a sensible expense for the owner.

- Water Proofing is a more extensive and expensive undertaking but sometimes is the only way to stop water entering your walls. Also a weeping tile system can be upgraded.